Process Operations Technology

Advisor: J. Wilkinson, Zumbro

The Process Operations Techno logy programs prepare technicians for employment in the diverse field of process operations in petroleum refineries, power generation facilities, pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, waste water treatment plants, food and beverage process plants, offshore oil production facilities and a host of other industries. Individuals currently employed as process operations technicians will enhance their ability to perform their duties and increase opportunities to advance.

This curriculum leads to an Associate of Science degree in Process Operations Technology. Graduates are prepared for entry-level positions at any processing facility. They will have acquired the basic technical skills in equipment and systems and have a broadened vocabulary to make the job-specific learning less difficult. They will also process team-building skills, safety awareness, environmental awareness, communication skills, and computer skills that are critical in the workplace. They will have a working knowledge of state and federal regulations on safety and the environment. Through an internship program, students have the opportunity to work in a position related to process technology during which they will receive work-related application of their classroom training.

Graduate Information

Year Completed Placed
2013-14 95% 87%
2014-15 97% 74%