Advisors: M. Jones, Muise

Cosmetology is a eleven month program of study designed to prepare the student to care for the hair, complexion, and hands by giving shampoos, rinse, and scalp treatments; styling, setting, cutting, dyeing, tinting, permanent waving, and bleaching hair; giving facials, manicures, and hand and arm massages, with emphasis on hygiene, sanitation, customer relations, and salon management.

The curriculum is designed to comply with the standard of the State Board for Cosmetology and the requirement for 1500 contact hours for students. Students are required to receive 230 hours of theory (a minimum of six hours per week) throughout the entire period of instructions, conducted in a separate classroom by a licensed instructor, 1200 hours of supervised skill training and clinic work, and seventy hours assigned at the instructor’s discretion as needs of individual students dictate. Successful completion of the cosmetology program entitles students to a Cosmetology Certificate and qualifies them for licensing examinations as cosmetologists, estheticians, manicurists, or wig specialists conducted by the State Cosmetology Board. The State Board for Cosmetology requires students to score 85 percent or more on each course, both theory and practical segments, in order to qualify for taking the licensing examination. Therefore, Southwest Mississippi Community College requires a minimum grade of 85 percent in each course to pass. Students who do not maintain this grade in each course will not be allowed to register the following semester.

Program Costs

Tuition and Fees*: $ 1,145.00 (2)
Room and Board*:     1,490.00 (2)
Books:       250.00
Kit:       700.00
Uniforms/Shoes:        125.00

*Fee charged per semester

Career Information

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be qualified for, but not limited to, the following careers:

Gainful Employment

Graduate Information

Year Completed Placed
2010-11 67% 35%
2011-12 80% 66%
2012-13 100% 79%
2013-14 100% 81%
2014-15 100% 75%